Saturday, April 22, 2006

Asking Questions

i noticed on a video in the beginning of a school of community, after reading the text, the "leader" asked the question: (paraphrasing) "what are your questions?" i like that. it strikes me that maybe we should begin with questions, rather than trying to "explain what we got out of it" or "what it means to me" --or, maybe i'm in left field! would you have any guidance in terms of preparing for and also, the 'structure' of a School of Community discussion? thanks.
Posted by Michael Fields, Stockton, CA

Monsignor Albacete:
Yes, in order to see if what is proposed corresponds to my experience, I need to know what is proposed, so it makes sense to ask questions first. The point is though that the purpose of the SoC is not an intellectual understanding of theoretical propositions, but the personal verification of an existential proposal.


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