Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dictatorship of Desires

Monsignor, I was quite moved by many things in Boston [Ed.: the writer is referring to the CL national diaconia, an annual meeting of people who serve as responsibles for CL]. One thing that stood out was the question asked of Fr. Pino and his response: what about "good and bad desires?" He responded, to summarize, that there is no such thing as bad desire, but rather that desire sometimes gets held up or stuck, rather than moving onward towards it's aim. This conception, of desires as the moving force God uses to guide us toward him resonates strongly with me. Yet it does raise difficulties. How should we understand the phrase of Benedict, "the dictatorship of desires"? How do some of the dark perversions and hatreds that we know exist in the world fit into such a thesis?
Posted by Patrick, Stockton, CA

Monsignor Albacete:
The dictatorship of desire refers to what happens when our desires are not lived as an invitation to look further to what alone satisfies our heart. When that happens we "divinize" the particular desires, believing them to be able to satisfy totally our thirst for happiness.


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