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We have known about the Communion and Liberation movement for several years, first learning of it from an article in "Inside the Vatican" on new movements in the Church.
During Lent we found a brochure at St. Joseph's Cathedral in San Diego announcing that the "Way of the Cross 2006" would take place after the Good Friday liturgy so we joined the group and were very moved by the experience.
The booklet gave the internet site which I explored today. There I learned about School off Community as well as your blog. When I clicked on the blog, you had just made your first post a few hours earllier. Also, my husband recalled' New Notes" recently carried an article on Communion and Liberation. I then found and read about the meeting at Saint Brigid's in Pacific Beach the evening of Februay 2, 2006 and our interview by Anna Krestyn.
This is my question: We are both seniors. Do you think that we would fit in?

Posted by Barbara

Monsignor Albacete:
Of course! I am not exactly a Junior myself. Get in touch with our local responsible ( and he will tell you where and when you can join us. Then, if you find something attractive, you come again. In my own case, at the beginning what attracted me the most was the pizza that usually followed the meetings. Things sounded a bit strange, but something stirred in my heart. The thrill is discovering what was evoking that stirring...or Who!


Blogger Bruce said...

Dear Msgr,

Barbara's question couldn't come at a more coincidental moment! Yesterday Mike Eppler and I traveled to Indianapolis for a presentation of The Risk of Education. On the way from Evansville to Indy, Mike was trying to shake my steady temperament, as he usually does, stating that it is almost impossible for conversion to come about for someone my age. (I just turned 50 last week.) Although I did not shed blood, his comment did cut to the core, causing me to question my own desire. Having met CL only about 4 years ago, I can honestly say that I don't see how I could have discovered what Christianity truly is, without discovering this movement, and yes, through this crazy person that Mike is, always provoking, I did meet Christ in the flesh! From that moment on, I risked it all, as it were, following a companionship with a group of young people half my age, and never once questioning what I was following. This is what I want to say to Barbara and her husband. When you meet Christ, there is no age barrier. You discover that your heart is young again. Has it been easy? Of course not. There is more resistance every day. Some friends and family don't understand why I would put so much of myself into something as unconventional as CL. I have struggled with the reality that others my age are not easily attracted to CL. I asked Fr. Carron and Cessana in LaThuile last summer about my continual anxiety surrounding what I thought was an inability to propose what I have met and know without a doubt is "the road". From that time, with the direction to "live what you have met", I have begun to see a change. It happens in the most unexpected people, not in those I would have chosen, but it has begun to take place. Every day brings something new when I beg.
So, to fit in, is not the question, because when you meet Christ, to fit in no longer matters, only to follow what you have met.


April 18, 2006  

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